Cuff-type shrinking packaging machine


Automatic cuff conveyor belt sleeve machine is a direct feed automatic cuff packaging machine manufactured by international advanced technology, With full functions and high degree of automation, the machine can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operator.the machine is suitable for medicine box, medicine bottle and food, chemical, cosmetics, beverage and other outer box and collection of cuff type PE film shrink packaging.


  • The machine can carry out two rows, three rows, four rows of heat shrinkable packaging .
  • This machine is connected with the production line with automatic feeding, wrapping, sealing and cutting, shrinkage, cooling and shaping,which needs no manual operation of the automatic packaging equipment.
  • There is no limit on the length of the packaging products. The ultra-long items can be continuously sealed on the side, such as aluminum pipe, gypsum wire building materials, etc.
  • The special designed sealing knife makes the sealing line firm with no cracking, not easy to stick the knife; The conveyor belt wear resistance with high strength.
  • Automatic cuff type heat shrink packaging machine adopts double air motor, so that the hot air in the furnace cavity distributed evenly, then the shrinkage effect is more beautiful.
  • With the large air cooling system, the machine could make the product cool quickly after heat shrinkage.
  • The highest speed 10-20 bags/minute (according to the tested material size ).


Packing Speed1-600pcs/h1-600pcs/h
Min Packing SizeL250xW50xH100mmL250xW50xH100mm
Max Packing SizeL420xW270xH350mmL500xW450xH4300mm
Length of the sealing knife652mm/
Cutter Size / Tunnel Size/W600xH400mm
Max Temperature240°C200°C
Electrical220V 50-60Hz 1 Phase380V 50-60Hz 3 Phase
Max Current6.5A18A
Air Compressing0.6MPa~0.85MPa/
Table Height850~880mm850~880mm
Machine DimensionL1020×W1610×H1915mmL2500×W920×H1680mm
Machine Weight370kg450kg
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