Automatic Side Sealing and shrinking packaging machine


The auto side-sealing shrinking machine is widely used in cosmetics, aluminum, pipes, printing, photo frames, daily chemicals, and other mass-production industries. Follow up the special large size customization of customers’ products. The cutter width of the sealing machine is 750mm,900mm and 1100mm, and the cutter can effectively pass 260mm-400mm.


  •  It requires the customization of the rear sealing cutter of the transverse knife if the product height is above 280mm.
  • The packaging items in the transverse knife cutting bag will be backed up through the conveyor belt, giving enough margin to seal and cut to avoid the film being too tight and effectively preventing the sealing from being firm and breaking.
  • POF shrink film cutting knife and PE shrink film cutting knife can be used as sealing cutter.
  • Manufactured by strict production process, the internal circuit adopts anti-jamming technology and Siemens PLC control program.
  • With the large air cooling system, the machine could make the product cool quickly after heat shrinkage.
  • The speed 35 pcs/minute (according to the tested material size ).


Packing Speed3-35pcs/min3-40pcs/min
Packing SizeL≥150,W+H≤700, H≤100mmL2000xW650xH450mm
Length of the sealing knife900mm/
Cutter Size / Tunnel Size/L2500xW800xH1600mm
Max Temperature280°C200°C
Electrical220V 50-60Hz 1 Phase380V 50-60Hz 3 Phase
Max Current6.5A25A
Air Compressing0.6MPa~0.85MPa/
Table Height850~880mm850~880mm
Machine DimensionL2890×W1700×H1580mmL3500×W1000×H1580mm
Machine Weight570kg365kg
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