Automatic Flaps Folding Carton Sealer


Atutomatic Flaps Folding Carton Sealer is a fully automatic corner sealing machine and a fully automatic folding and sealing machine are used together to form I -word sealing box.


  • The width and height of the machine could be adjust automatically according to the size of the carton.
  • It makes it possible for the cartons with same specification could be numerously used at the same time.
  • It could seal box beautifully and fast with high efficiency
  • It is of simple operation and the low failure rate.


Conveyor Speed18m/min
Carton SizeL200-700xW130-500xH150-500mm
Electrical220V 50-60Hz 1 Phase
Air Compressing0.6MPa
Table Height600+150mm
Machine DimensionL2680×W900×H1415-1575mm
Machine Weight200kg
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