High-speed Carton Erector


The machine uses the touch screen to guide the menu, suitable for all kinds of carton automatic unpacking, folding bottom, bottom cover function, which can be connected with the automatic packing machine or automatic sealing machine (manual packing), forming the production line of unpacking, packing and sealing. This machine can be used in food, beverage, cosmetics, household appliances, books, textile, general merchandise, chemical industry and other industries


  • The machine suits to unpack, fold bottom, back cover automatically for all kinds of carton packages with wide range of application.
  • This machine can be connected with the packing machine and sealing machine to form an automatic production line.
  • The max speed can reach 30cartons/m.
  • The machine adopts multifunctional frequency conversion speed regulating device and the PLC programmable control system, which ensures a more simple adjustment and maintenance.
  • The machine could automatically alarm with the fault alarm display and other functions, which is very easy to maintain.


Carton Openning Speed10-30pcs/min
Carton SizeL240-510xW190-400xH120-400mm
Electrical220V 50-60Hz 1 Phase
Air Compressing0.6MPa~0.85MPa
Table Height900+30mm
Machine DimensionL2120×W1560×H2000mm
Machine Weight900kg
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